Anna & Trond || Conostogo Wedding Photography

July 28, 2012

As I mentioned in the previous post, Anna and Trond are a couple of rocket scientists from Germany who came back to Canada to get married. I adored the layback feel of their big day and the neat cultural integration that peppered the wedding.

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Trond, hands down, had the most unique and amazing suit I have ever encountered. He brought it from Norway here are some of the details. The number embroidered on the arm is the number of tractors that were in Norway at the time of its creation.


I won’t reveal how many of these tasty cupcakes Anna consumed during preparations, but have had one myself, I can attest to how delicious they were.

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Because many of their friends and family were across the ocean, social media played a big part in their day too. Here they are reading a facebook message following the ceremony.



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This might be one of my favourite moments of the day. They had a wonderful picnic basket packed and enjoyed a few moments away from the chaos enjoy being married.

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There cakes were phenomenal…the very appropriate space themed cake was beautifully crafted by The Cake Box in Kitchener. And because Trond is from Norway there was also an extremely delicious and beautiful Norwegian wedding cake.

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There two are so in love…I was touched by the expressions they shared as they toasted each other.

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The lifted the Norwegian wedding cake, which is made of rings stuck together with icing, to discover how many children they were predicted to have…enjoy your seven children!!!! 🙂

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Thanks so much for letting me share in your beautiful and amazing day! Best wishes as you return to Germany and continue to dream big and live adventurously!

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