Danette & Brad || Cambridge Wedding Photography

August 4, 2012

Danette and Brad had such a special day. It was warm and beautiful and the locations and venues were phenomenal!

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I loved the lighting in the room where Danette was getting ready. Natural and dreamy!

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The church, St. Clements in Cambridge, Ontario took my breath away.

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Yes…Brad’s shoes do indeed say “HELP ME”.

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A close up shot of the awesome garter.

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This may have been my favourite location of the season! It was a little hidden gem.

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If you viewed, Danette and Brad’s engagement session you would have seen Danette kicking up her heels in a little red dress with promises of more heel kicking fun. Today she pulled it off with a large wedding dress! AMAZING!

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It was such a fun day with enjoyable people to hang out with! Thanks! Best wishes to you guys!!!

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