Maria & Carlos || Cambridge Wedding Photography


August 11, 2012

It was a very special day for Maria and Carlos as their friends and family surrounded them and celebrated their marriage.

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I love this shot of father and daughter preparing to make the walk down the aisle.


You may recognize this church from the week before, St. Clements in a hot spot for Catholic Weddings in the area and I can see why. The architecture is truly beautiful.

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While the plans were to spend the afternoon outdoors the weather had different plans…but before we were completely rained out we managed to catch a few images in the park. We took a hiatus from portraits to do family portraits in a library overhand before heading to the old fire station for a few more lovely outdoor shot while staying with in close range of cover. 🙂

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I love this last image of the night. What a perfectly happy couple!


Thanks, Maria and Carlos for a wonderful day. Enjoy your happily ever after!!