Janita & Ian || Stratford Wedding Photography

October 13, 2012

Janita and Ian are a couple who demonstrate honset and gentle love for each other. Their wedding was a beautiful day that reflected their hearts and joy for their relationship.

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The ceremony was lovely. I love this moment between father and daughter.


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As a unique way of exemplifying how their lives are joined the couple braided ropes.


And of course it rained…


Thankfully our location was a really cool loft at a lumber company. While we lost out on the gorgeous outdoor options, we had a super unique indoor venue for our portraits.

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The reception took place in a church gym, not that you could tell from the amazing and creative decorating! Can you believe that this beautiful lighting was produced with white lights and bale wrap! AWESOME!


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Another cool idea…guests took a thank you card with the couple’s picture home on their way out.

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The groom has a tallent you do not see often… 🙂


The reception was filled with friends as family who surrounded them in creative and entertaining ways the entire evening. Thanks for bringing me in on the action. Best wishes in you life ahead!

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