Sarah & Trevor || Listowel Wedding Photography

September 29, 2012

Sarah and Trevor are such a sweet couple with a super cute little guy. This day was a special way to celebrate their family and the love that they share.

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Like I said…SUPER. CUTE. KID.


It starting to drizzle as soon as we headed out to the golf course, but we made the best of the cold and wet and these guys along with their wedding party were real troopers. Special thanks to my umbrella holder too, who followed me around protecting the cameras as we took some fun fall pictures.

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By the time the reception was about to start the drizzle turned to rain, but we snapped a few shots under the umbrella.Blog025

The they took some time to warm up indoors before the party started. I love this sweet moment between the love birds.


This beautiful cake had matching little cupcakes on the table for center pieces. What a fabulous idea!





The weather was quite something that evening…the rain dissipated and in its wake came an amazing double rainbow.


Then the sun broke over the trees making for some very romantic lighting.



The bridesmaids had the most unique and funny speech ever…they rapped it out in great detail sharing with everyone the reasons why this couple is so wonderful.

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I found out during the engagement session that Sarah and Trevor were secretly taking dance lessons to surprise everyone for their first dance. They danced a rumba that was breath taking!





Thanks for such a special day! Best wishes to you and your little guy!

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