Jenn & Kevin || Woodbridge Wedding Photography

June 22, 2013 || Woodbridge, Ontario

Jenn and Kevin are a beautiful, fun and inspiring couple! It was an honour to be a witness to their love story and capture their love on camera as two became one.

Seriously, the most amazing location ever!





An impromptu father/daughter dance in the kitchen…

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I enjoyed the fun and easy-going relationship the groom had with his parents!

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Can you feel the anticipation of the groom?


There are no words for this love.Blog010 Blog011 Blog012 Blog013 Blog014 Blog015 Blog016

What a fun group to work with…Blog017 Blog018 Blog019 Blog020 Blog021 Blog022 Blog023 Blog024 Blog025 Blog026 Blog027 Blog028

There was so much creativity and thought put into the decor for the reception.Blog029 Blog030 Blog031 Blog032 Blog033 Blog034 Blog035 Blog036 Blog037

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Thank you Jenn and Kevin for allowing me to share in your big day! It was worth every mosquito bite. 🙂 Blessings to you and your family!

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