Kristy & Jon || Conostogo Lake Wedding Photography

August 24, 2013 || Conostogo Lake, Ontario

One last time I squeezed into my work pants and packed up the gear to finish off my wedding season in Ontario. With the promise of a new baby and a move to Alberta on the horizon I was privileged to share in this cute “gaming” couple’s big day. We met for an engagement session at my favourite Waterloo location and then after their private ceremony I joined Kristy and Jon for their celebration of marriage with their friends and family.

Blog Image001

I love the dramatic lighting in this photo…it feels like zombies should be converging on them from the trees.

Blog Image002 Blog Image003 Blog Image004

Frolicking in the fields…

Blog Image005 Blog Image006 Blog Image007

On the big day there was a festive feel in the air the lots of attention to detail.Blog Image008 Blog Image009 Blog Image010

Blog Image048

And a little bit of video game lore mixed in…Blog Image011

Blog Image050Blog Image012 Blog Image013 Blog Image014 Blog Image015 Blog Image016 Blog Image017 Blog Image018 Blog Image019

The jumping shot does not get much better than this…kudos to the best man for his enthusiasm!!!Blog Image020 Blog Image021 Blog Image022 Blog Image023 Blog Image024 Blog Image025 Blog Image026 Blog Image027 Blog Image028 Blog Image029

And yes…there was a pig roast. While I am sure it smelled delicious to most, my little peanut was not so fond of the idea. Though I must say, it did taste very, very good.

Blog Image030 Blog Image031 Blog Image032 Blog Image033 Blog Image034 Blog Image035 Blog Image036

The feeding of the cake was one of the most vicious I have seen…but at least they kissed and made up…lol! I am sure they are just as competitive when they have game controllers in their hands. 🙂

Blog Image037 Blog Image038 Blog Image039 Blog Image040

Nothing quite like sun on the water to set a mood…

Blog Image041 Blog Image042 Blog Image043

Hut, hut, HIKE!!

Blog Image044 Blog Image045

I love that the setting sun even radiated a bright orange to match their day as it came to an end…

Blog Image046 Blog Image047  Blog Image049

Best wishes as you “Link” lives and head out on this “Uncharted” journey together. (I apologize for my awful video game puns. 🙂 )

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