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gracecoffeeYou are thinking of inviting me to be an integral part of your wedding day. I guess you should know a little bit about me…

My name is Jenne and I am a preschool teacher by day. With two active growing boys and an adorable little girl, I am hopping all day long. It was because of these little gems that I really got interested in taking pictures and making photographic art. I wanted the cute and adorable pictures without having to dig deep into the pocketbook every time.  After a couple of friends asked me to do their weddings, I discovered a new outlet for my passion. I. LOVE. WEDDINGS. It is that simple. I have now captured memories for over thirty couples on their big day and still get super excited and thrilled for each new couple that I have the privilege of working with.

When I am not behind the camera you might find me sitting on the floor sorting Lego or reading the same story book for the hundredth time, playing with ingredients in my kitchen or coming up with some crazy idea of something I want to craft, sew or build. I may be relaxing on the couch with my amazing hubby and some TV or on the rare occasion, when no one needs me, curled up with a good book and a cup of fair trade coffee. When adventure calls, I love to camp, hike and fish…pretty much anything that allows me to enjoy the great outdoors.

It is my goal to give you an amazing photography experience! I believe that you should not have to pick and chose what parts of your special day deserve to be captured on camera. I am not a professional but rather an enthusiastic hobbyist and for that reason I have made the decision to not to use the highest end professional equipment and to take most of your pictures with natural light in order to be able to offer you the best of both worlds…affordability and amazing results. But don’t just take my word, for it…take a peek at my previous work!

Within a day you will have six pictures from your wedding ready to use and share. The turn around for the rest of  your pictures *may* be a bit slower than a full-time professional who gets to sit at a desk and edit durning the day because let’s face it kids are fun yet demanding! 🙂 But I strive to have your images in your hands within four weeks.

Having followed my clients through life’s big events I have found great joy in photographing families, growing baby bumps, those precious little newborns and even the occasional cake smash, so if you have a lifestyle session in mind, I would love to work with you on that too!

I thrive on being creative and crave that moment when I know I have captured a masterpiece, but I also find great joy in using images to tell simple, beautiful stories from start to finish. So if you think we just might be a good match, head on over to “Contact and Bookings” and drop me a line…it does not cost anything to have a little chat. Have a wonderful time planning your wedding!

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